Trident Lounge Casino Review

Trident Lounge Casino:
Trident Lounge Casino uses Microgaming's Viper Software, a big favorite with many online players and one that I personally enjoy.

Over the last couple of years Trident Lounge Casino has been picking up an extensive collection of rewards for becoming a top online casino. The casino has an outstanding reputation for being fair, and has been attracting a growing base of satisfied customers.

The download procedure and getting the casino started is no different than most online casinos, and I encountered no problems. Once the software is up and running you have to provide you personal details before you can make a deposit and start gaming.

Be careful to provide the correct details, as the casino terms and conditions state that if the information you provide is discovered to be incorrect then your winnings may be voided and making withdrawals will become a complex process.

I made a NETeller deposit which was issued to my casino account almost instantly. The first that you are going to notice when you enter the casino is huge display of games on offer. There are several versions of Blackjack, table poker and Roulette to choose from, including versions you're never going to find outside Microgaming's Viper software.

Trident Lounge casino offers a top first deposit bonus of $50 on all deposits of $25 or greater. Once you have deposited at the casino you have to claim to the bonus via the casino website's bonus application form, then the bonus will be added to your account.

The key aspects of the bonus terms of conditions are that you have to wager 10x the bonus and 1x the deposit. Also, the majority of the table games within the casino are excluded from meeting the bonus wagering requirement, check the terms and conditions for a full list excluded games and any other bonus terms. From my experience with first deposit bonuses and their terms and conditions this is an excellent offer. The casino also offers some regular promotions changed each month, details of which can be found inside the casino software or on the website.

Trident Lounge offers a live help function, which is accessible via the casino website but not within the casino software. The occasion that I attempted to use the casino live help function I found it be highly responsive, with an excellent level of customer service. They even had time to for a small time depositor and gambler like myself.

In addition to the live help function, the casino offers a 24/7 customer service via email and telephone. I sent an email off to support and they responded within the hour with the kind of response that I was looking for.

If you check out Trident Lounge's website, you're see they received a reward for providing an excellent level of customer support. I can understand why, I really got the impression their customer service stands out from many online casino. My general experience with casino support is that they may be more concerned with making you buy chips and using cheesy marketing, then actually helping with your question. With Trident Lounge casino I just didn't get that impression on any level, maybe they do just want to help?

One of the casino games that I found some luck at during my playing sessions was the progressive table game, Cyberstud Poker. Like your regular Cyberstud Poker you place an ante before the cards are dealt, then depending on your hand choose to call or fold. If you call; your poker hand completes against that of the dealers, assuming that his hand qualifies as a poker hand. If your hand beats the dealers the payout on your bet is dependant on the rank of your poker hand. If you call and the dealer does not qualify, your ante is returned plus one unit profit. On Trident Lounge's progressive Cyberstud Poker you have to make a compulsory one dollar jackpot bet on ever round, in an attempt to win the progressive jackpot.

The Cyberstud progressive jackpot ($127,000 when I was on the table) is won by receiving a royal flush on your hand. The jackpot bet also gives you a return on lesser poker hands, I managed to get a Flush and win a 50/1 return on the jackpot wager. This stacks with returns that you win on the standard ante, which was 10/1 for my Flush, check screen shot. Between playing progressive Cyberstud and the non-progressive version I made some good wins throughout the game, and finished well up from when I started playing.

Within Trident Lounge Casino you'll find a massive and impressive collection of slots, and you're going to have no problem choosing one that suits your preference.

I started of playing a few spins on the progressive slots, Major Millions which is famous for being the first online slots machine to payout over $1 Million in a single win. It's a three reeler slots with three payable lines, to win the jackpot you need to get the Major Millions progressive symbols three times on all reels. You have to bet $1 a payable line, so you have the choice to gamble $1, $2, or $3 per spin, and its $3 per spin to have a chance of the progressive. The short time that I was playing this game I didn't manage to win a single dime, and thought that I better leave before the I lost even more of my balance.

The next slot that I decided to sample was Thunderstruck, a nine playable liner with five reels. This slot in terms of graphics and animation is really quite impressive when compared to you average online casino. Still feeling a bit timid of slots after making some losses on Major Millions, I started betting small on each spin, really small in fact. However, only after two spins I hit five thunder symbols on one line giving me a 250/1 return, but on my wager this was only $11.50, and I wished I kept to making real wagers - I would have made a killing! The Scattered Ram symbol on the slots gives away free spins if you get three or greater on a line.

The free spins are at the same wager per line and number of lines that you played when you hit the Scattered Ram Symbols. As you can see from my the screen shots I continued to play on a number of Trident Lounges Slots, but there just too many to talk about here in detail and there's loads more that I didn't have the time or the balance to test out for this review.

After a few games on a couple of the video poker machines I decided it was time to try out one of the eight Blackjack versions at Trident Lounge. I choose to sample the Vegas Strip Blackjack, which is a four deck game. This particular version allows players to split three times to make four Blackjack hands.

What really make Blackjack and the other table games at Trident Lounge stand out is the expert mode feature. Once you select expert mode, it displays two options, 'strategy' and 'autoplay'. The strategy option will display an advance Blackjack strategy table. This illustrates the mathematically most attractive course of action to take on each blackjack hand dependant on that of the dealer visible card. You also have the ability to change the strategy to you own preferences, e.g. only split on double ace.

The second option is autoplay, which allows hands to be automatically played while you just sit back and watch or go do something ease. You can set the number of autoplay deals you wish to play and how much you're willing to allow you balance to go below or above. The autoplay plays your Blackjack hands to that of the strategy table or what you have altered the strategy table to. This is an outstanding feature that allows you the cut the house advantage by playing the perfect blackjack hands (assuming no card counting). I played 15 hands on autoplay and finished down on my balance, but I did alter strategy table against my favour. The expert mode is available on most games at Trident Lounge, and you're not going to find in anything like it outside the Microgaming's Viper Software.

I finished my gaming about $30 dollars up on my deposit, and had no problem making the withdrawal. First the value of deposit was returned with a day or so, the winning took a couple extra days to process. The support informed me that withdrawals that exceed your deposit are processed in two lots, and the second lot may take a few days longer then the first.

In summary, Trident Lounge is an outstanding casino which hosts one of the best casino software on the net to date. The games appear fair and honest, which is mirrored by their business ethics. The first deposit bonus is a great package which gives players a good chance of making a withdrawal on the bonus if they have a little luck while gaming.

With attractive regular promotions and an extensive range of games to choose from, this is the kind of casino that I could be a long term customer with - and one that I intend to return in the future. Definitely one to try.

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Blackjack @ Trident Lounge Casino

Aces & Faces Power Poker
Aces and Faces Power Poker

Blackjack Stats
Blackjack Stats

Cyberstud - We Have a Flush!
Cyberstud - I Get a Flush

Carnaval Slots
Carnaval Slots - Multi linier slot machine

Cool Bucks Slot Machine
Cool Bucks Slot Machine

Deuces Wild Power Poker
Deuces Wild Power Poker

Blackjack - Five Card Trick
Blackjack - 5 Cards

Jacks or Better @ Trident Lounge
Jacks or Better Multi Hand Video Poker

The Millionaire Slot Machine
Major Millions Progressive Slot Machine

Poker Pursuit
Poker Persuit

Covering the board on Roulette

Spring Break Paying Out
Spring Break Slots

Thunderstruck Slots
Thunderstruck Slots

Trident Lounge Strong Points:
  • Outstanding customer service!
  • Honest reputation
  • Fair first deposit bonus, with good wagering recruitment
  • Fast withdrawals and hassle free
  • Huge range of games, your spoilt choice with slots and video poker
  • Expert mode
Things Trident Lounge Could Improve:
  • No multiplayer feature, you could get lonely in Trident Lounge if you've looking for fellow punters
  • Choose from 130 games. You have loads of version of Blackjack, Slots, Roulette and table Poker, but beyond that there's not that many other table game like your find in other casinos, e.g. where's the Let it Ride Poker?

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