The Labouchere Gambling System - Also Known as The Cancellation System

The Labouchere Gambling System, also known as The Cancellation System, is named after a minister in Queen Victoria's service. He played this system quite successfully. However, just like all the other roulette systems, it is not profitable in the long run.

The Labouchere Gambling System (The Cancellation System)

Bet & Outcome: Series Of Numbers: Accumulated Loss/Win:
Starting line 1-2-3-4-5 0
Bet 6 units and lose 1-2-3-4-5-6 -6 units
Bet 7 units and win x-2-3-4-5-x +1 unit
Bet 7 units and lose x-2-3-4-5-x-7 -6 units
Bet 9 units and lose x-2-3-4-5-x-7-9 -15 units
Bet 11 units and win x-x-3-4-5-x-7-x -4 units
Bet 10 units and win x-x-x-4-5-x-x-x +6 units
Bet 9 units and win x-x-x-4-5-x-x-x +15 units
The series has been won

You start by choosing a series of numbers from 1 to a chosen number. The sum of the series is the amount of money that you are trying to win. Write down the series of numbers.

For example, if you choose the series 1-2-3-4-5 then you try to win 15 units. You bet the sum of the first and last number. In this example you would bet 6 units. If you win, you should cross out the first and the last number. If you lose, you should add the size of your bet to the end of the series. There is an example to the left.

The series shrinks two numbers when you win but expands only one number when you lose. The fact that you have won the sum of the series when it has ended convinces many people to use this system. They think it is a profit machine because the series must definitely end at a point. The roulette wheel has turned into a money wheel. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Once again, the two constraints, limited funds and a maximum limit on a single bet, ruin the picture. If a long row of loses occur, you will be wiped out. And this does happen!


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