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Bingo Gringo:
Bingo is big. There really is no doubt about it, and particularly amongst female gamblers Bingo is one of the most popular gambling-based pastimes. Internet companies have not been slow to cash in on this trend and as such I decided to see what awaits the Bingo-lover at the humorously-titled Bingo Gringo web site.

Bingo Gringo is heavily bingo focussed, although some popular casino games can also be played by users attempting to boost their balance. Nevertheless, since bingo is the main focus of this site it is this that I'll write about.

This site is actually a no-download site meaning the cumbersome activity of downloading and installing software does not need to be performed. Rather a player simply needs to sign up, open the appropriate Flash-powered page of the site and get playing. Indeed, even registration has been made incredibly simple with a simple form being used to capture a new player's details. Handily, players can play Bingo at this site using a variety of currencies - games are displayed in the player's base currency using the appropriate exchange rates. This availability of different currencies makes it particularly simply to track deposits, withdrawals and of course bingo wagers and prizes.

Of course, no bingo can be played until a deposit is made and so I headed to the Aqua Pay cashier. Aqua Pay is a respected cash handler and so I had no issues with depositing £50 (approximately $100) in to my account. I used NeTeller to deposit, although players can also try credit cards to make a purchase or even wire funds directly from a bank account should they wish. As a new player I was also instantly awarded a 100% match on my deposit. Whilst these bonus funds can only be used to purchase bingo cards, it certainly extends a user's playing time. On-going bonuses are also available making Bingo Gringo a popular site amongst online Bingo players. There's even a 10-card free sign-up bonus!

Available games are presented in the Bingo Gringo lobby and I was immediately impressed with the simple yet elegant appearance of this site. I was particularly impressed that such quality was available in a no-download site. All available playing rooms are shown and handily the lobby displays detail on the purchase price of cards for the game and also the time until the next game starts. As such a player can easily review all available games and enter a room that best matches their requirements.

Bingo Gringo offers a decent number of both 75 and 90 ball games with ticket prices fluctuating with each game played. Whilst I was connected the lowest-priced game I saw cost 10p (approximately 20 cents) per tickets and the highest was £1 (approximately $2). Of course, the actual prize pot depends not only on purchase price but also on the connected number of players. On this note, I was impressed with the number of people connected at Bingo Gringo and certainly I can see that this is a good place to win decent prizes and interact with a variety of people.

Speaking of interaction, the Bingo Gringo chat room has been made a key area of focus at this site which is certainly important to Bingo players. I found that other players were extremely talkative and friendly with many players typing WTG (way to go) and GL (good luck) as players won bingo or announced that they were near. All Bingo Gringo chat is facilitated by employed moderators who not only encourage chat and ensure it stays friendly, but also run chat games. These chat games are great fun and give players a chance to win bonus dollars even if their luck doesn't seem to be in when it comes to the main game. For example, I took part in the "high or lower" game where a full-house winner was asked to guess whether the next ball drawn would be higher or lower than the one they one on. Since they got it correct two other players were awarded 1000 loyalty points (worth 1 credit, e.g., £1) and I happened to be one of those lucky players! I certainly got a 'family feel' from Bingo Gringo and found the 'good luck' messages and 'lucky dust' sprinklings from the chat moderators made me feel more than welcome.

Of course, the bingo game itself is important and certainly Bingo Gringo performs well here. As stated, both 75-ball and 90-ball games are playable. The first type sees players competing to match a pre-determined shape as balls are drawn. The 90-ball game is more 'traditional' with players competing to get 1 line, then 2 lines and then a full house in order to win a prize. Both games are fun, but I think I preferred the 90-ball game as it gives players more chance of winning a prize!

Speaking of prizes, I was impressed with the total prize pots that were played for each game. For example, the 10p (approximately 20 cent) game had a prize pot of almost £10 ($20) which is certainly a good return on investment. Of course, some players may want to purchase more than one card to increase the odds of hitting a win and Gringo Bingo allows up to 24 cards to be played simultaneously. Although this sounds like a nightmare in terms of marking off numbers as they are drawn, thankfully all the hard work is done for you at this site with cards automatically marking off the drawn numbers (although this is a user-configurable option). Handily the cards also indicate when you are close to a win (e.g. 2TG = 2 to go). It certainly gets exciting when you can see you are within 1 or 2 balls of a win!

I have played bingo before and been disappointed at my lack of wins. However, this certainly wasn't the case at Bingo Gringo and I won playing both the 75 and 90-ball games. My biggest win came whilst playing in a £1 per ticket, 90-ball game. Not only did I get a one-line win but I also went on to get a full-house win! This returned total winnings of just under £30 (approximately $60) which is certainly not to be sniffed at! My £25 ($50) 75-ball win also helped boost my bankroll. In fact, after having some lucky wins I found my bank balance had doubles and so on this occasion I decided to cash out.

A quick visit to the cashier and I soon had my £100 pending for processing. Even more impressive was the fact that I'd met the wagering conditions the bonus I'd received and so instead of forfeiting this money I still had around £50 left to purchase some more bingo cards - you definitely can't get better than free pay! Withdrawals at Bingo Gringo sit in pending for 48 hours during which they can be reversed. After this time they are processed, and true to their word I found my funds were sent back to NeTeller within around 72 hours of cashing in. This is certainly an acceptable timeframe for bank processing.

Of course, some people like the chance to win much more than I did. However, these people should also be satisfied at Bingo Gringo. At regular intervals jackpot games are played that allow players to win massive amounts of money should the fill their cards within a set number of balls. The equivalent of over $1500 was available to win at the time I played - certainly a nice way to end a game of bingo! My only criticism is that this jackpot can only be won in certain games, but definitely this is a minor thing.

In terms of customer support, the standard email offering is available but so too is a toll-free number for UK customers. This is good, although more toll-free numbers for non-UK players could be a smart move. Having said that, in-game live customer support is also available and as such any player should be able to get instant assistance should they need it 24 hours a day. Certainly when I tested support my query was answered quickly and correctly - support definitely meets the high standards set by the rest of the site.

Having played at Bingo Gringo and not really being sure of what to expect, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. For a no-download site I was particularly impressed with the elegance of the site and indeed I reckon this site could give some download sites a run for their money! A good selection of games is available and I was impressed with the simplicity of purchasing tickets and playing in the games. Similarly, I found the atmosphere at Bingo Gringo to be really good and certainly felt welcomed by other players and the chat moderators alike. Some good prizes are to be won and when it comes to cashing in, the speedy withdrawals are a plus. Customer support is similarly good and really it is hard to fault the action at this site. For those looking for a fun site to play Bingo and make some friends, Bingo Gringo would definitely come high in terms of my list of recommendations.

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Bingo Gringo is certainly a social site with almost all connected players interacting in the chat room Bingo Gringo Chat Room

I get sucked in by buying some tickets and am amazed to see how close I get to winning a prize! Close To a Prize!

I move to a different bingo room for bingo how I used to play it - prizes for 1 line, 2 lines and a full house 1 Line, 2 Lines, Full House

The first line winner isn't me - a shame as the £9.09 prize would have been nice! I Didnt Win This Time

This time the winner is me - one line completed before anyone else! One Line Win

Each game is played at a different coin size - however Bingo Gringo communicate each change so players never get caught out Card Price Change

After each game a player is presented of a summary of all the game's winners Summary of Game Winners

My best win - a single line win as well as a great full house! 2 Wins In a Game

As well as the main bingo game, players also get the chance to participate in 'chat games' where bonus bucks can be won Chat Games

The Bingo Gringo cashier is powered by Aqua Pay where a number of methods can be used to deposit funds Bingo Gringo Cashier

Although this is a no-download site, Bingo Gringo operates very much as you would expect download software to work with a lobby providing access to the various available rooms Bingo Gringo Lobby

As well as the main bingo rooms, a wide range of side casino games can be played to help a player in boosting their bankroll Casino Side Games

Bingo Gringo Strong Points:
  • Good selection of 75 and 90-ball games
  • Excellent software with great graphics and sound effects
  • Friendly feel with chat moderators encouraging chat and giving players the chance to win free money!
  • Good cash processing with reasonably quick withdrawals
  • Easy-to-contact customer support
Things Bingo Gringo Could Improve:
  • Withdrawals sit in pending for 48 hours, although compared to some sites this is not a huge amount of time
  • The 24 limit ticket may frustrate some high-rolling players, but certainly should satisfy most visitors
  • The jackpot can only be won in certain games

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