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Casino.Net: is a Boss Media-powered casino that has been running for around 2.5 years now, which in the virtual world of online gambling is a relatively long time. The website also advertises a payback of 97.5% over all games, and as such I was hoping that maybe I would win big during my review of the site!

To begin betting, a player must first visit the site and download the casino software. The site is nicely laid out, with an uncluttered appearance making it easy for a visitor to locate the download section of the site. also offers a 'Quick Play' version of the casino, which operates in a browser window. However, to experience the full gaming experience is it recommended you play the downloadable version.

The initial file size is just 248k; which will take just seconds to download, even on a dial-up connection. However, this is little more than just an installer - there's more that must be downloaded before play can commence. However, the installer does indicate your download speed as well as the estimated download time. As such, you can see how near to completion the download is, which is a nice feature.

Once installed, a player must complete a pretty standard sign-up form, which requests information such as your name, address and age. After this is finalized, a player simply needs to log in with their username and password, then they are ready to play. presents its games in a menu format accessible from the main lobby. This menu breaks down the games under headings such as 'card games' and 'table games'. However, before I decided what game I wanted to play, first I had to make a visit to the cashier. offers a wide range of depositing options, and I elected to make a $50 deposit via NETeller. Since this was my first visit to the casino, my deposit was instantly boosted by an extra $20 deposit bonus (new players are awarded wither $20 or 25% of deposit - whichever is greater).

One thing that should be mentioned at this point is's generous bonus policy. While wagering conditions are attached to bonus chips (i.e. you must play a certain amount before a bonus can be withdrawn), a player can withdraw their own chips or any winnings from their own chips at any time. This really is a good policy, and means that if you win big, even with a bonus in play you will be able to withdraw your winnings instantly.

Having now returned to the lobby, I decided to head to my favorite card game, Blackjack. This popular casino classic is simple to understand - the aim of the game is simply to get a card total closer to 21 than the dealer.'s BJ is a great bet for the gambler - the theoretical payback on the game is a huge 99.54% which means that a player should lose less than $1 on average for every $100 wagered. I myself did quite well at this game - the minimum bet of $1 meant that I could play a good number of hands without really denting my bank balance. Of course, some people like to bet much more, and with the maximum table bet being $1000, I am sure this is high enough for the majority of high-rollers.

The game itself played wonderfully well - the graphics used are of a very high quality and the smoothness of the gameplay is faultless. also uses a number of sound effects which really enhance game play to make this a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. As stated earlier, I did very well at this game and left with a bank roll around $10 higher than when I started. It is always nice to begin a gaming session with a win.

Deciding that table games were lucky for me, I moved on to Caribbean Stud Poker. Again, this game has been recreated well, with a decent-paced game keeping excitement levels high for the player. Unfortunately, my first few hands were not good with this game, so my bank balance began to dwindle. However, I then had a nice winning streak, and a few three-of-a-kind wins took my bank balance up to $87. Deciding that I didn't want to head back down; I made a quick exit - not even the $40,000+ progressive jackpot was enough to tempt me to stay!

Instead, I decided to have a look at the Video Poker games offered at Again, the menu navigation system in the lobby made it easy to locate the game I wanted to play - my favorite Video Poker game, Jacks or Better. Unfortunately, while the card games I had played were faultless, I did not find the Video Poker offering quite as enjoyable. has actually tried to recreate VP in an almost identical format to the types found in casinos. However, this actually means using lower quality graphics and giving the game a more simplistic look. When compared to the richness of the card games, the VP is a slight disappointment. However, in terms of fairness the game cannot be faulted - while an initial losing streak reduced my balance, a few decent hands then appeared, and I left the game with pretty much what I started with.

My next stop was to explore some of the slots available. While does not have a huge range of slots, it has a reasonable enough number to keep the casual gambler happy. Some of these are also quite unusual, such as the Killer Whale slot. This is almost like a Video Poker game, where a player gets to hold reels initially spun-in in an attempt to make good winning hands. However, I do not know whether this game plays like VP - it may well be more luck than skill that dictates the $ you make.

I did have a look at some of the other slots available, and again, while not mind-blowing, have put together a fair selection of slots that all play well. Again, rich graphics are used superbly well to enhance the overall gaming experience. There are also a number of progressive machines which can really reward huge wins to lucky players ('Jack in the Box' is over $300,000 at the time of writing).

The second last game I played is again a casino player's favorite - roulette. I entered this game with around $80 and decided to play quite a risky system - to bet on the number 17 and to cover all numbers around it. Unfortunately my first few spins were not successful so I decided to stop playing the system and to bet on black and red. This proved disastrous, as no sooner had I done that but the number 17 appeared twice in two spins! I quickly went back on 17 to see whether 17 was continuing to be lucky.

It was at this point that I was joined at the table by another player - up until now I had not realized that a number of the games are actually multiplayer. This means that other people can join you, and you get to see them bet along with you. You can also chat with the player - unfortunately player 'AstaGus' didn't seem too communicative and quickly moved to another table. Fortunately, this move away from my table coincided with the number 17 coming in again - my bankroll was now boosted by $144!

Sadly, my good fortune was not to continue and I lost the lot playing another game - the Jackpot Wheel. This game has different numbers printed on it and a player bets what number will appear. I decided to bet on the more unlikely outcomes, and whilst they pay off nicely, they do not come in often. I suppose at least I only lost $50 in terms of deposit, but I could have cashed in near $200 - but I guess that is what makes a gambler a gambler in the first place!

While on this occasion I did not make a cash-out, the website claims to pay all winnings within 1-4 business days, which is not the fastest payout speed available, but is perfectly acceptable. However, as a word of warning, the operates its cashier with a 'security number' system - this code, which is mailed by post after a first deposit is made, must be entered before any withdrawal request will be honoured. It is claimed that this increases account security, but gambler's must be careful not to spend too much while waiting for the code to arrive.

The last thing tested at was support. Support is available either by email or by telephone. A number of freephone numbers are listed, meaning most players should be able to telephone support without incurring any costs. Upon testing support, the person who I spoke with proved to be both personable and efficient - my query regarding a game's rules was answered without problem.

In summary, offers a good number of games, of which the majority offer a very good gaming experience. The slot selection is not great, and the Video Poker is a slight disappointment, but this should not detract from an otherwise good casino offering. Similarly, the banking system appears to work with no problems, and support is always available should a player get into difficulties. Overall, delivers a high quality experience to online gamblers.

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Multiplayer Blackjack @Casino.Net
Multiplayer Blackjack - A faithful virtual recreation of the casino classic

The Caribbean Stud Poker Game
Caribbean Stud Poker - Win big with the right hands in stud poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker
Jacks or Better Video Poker - A royal flush in video poker pays 4000 coins!

Killerwhale Slotmachine
Killerwhale Slots - A slot machine with functionality similar to video poker!

Multiplayer Roulette @ Casino.Net
Roulette: A winning bet on 17 pays back $144

Money Wheel Game
Money Wheel: - A poor bet but can pay nicely if your luck is in!

Casino.Net Strong Points:
  • Good bonus policy
  • Mostly rich graphics
  • Good game speed
  • Easy to contact support
  • Fair gaming - no tremendous losing streaks were experienced
Things Casino.Net Could Improve:
  • Security code required for first withdrawal
  • Slot selection somewhat limited
  • Video Poker games not a great standard

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