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Casino Tropez:
Playtech has a reputation as an innovative casino software provider; and quick to get their new products released online. As one of the largest and most popular casinos of Playtech, I thought its worth checking out Casino Tropez for myself. If my information is correct (or not out of date), Casino Tropez is the only online casino that is owned and directly run by Playtech, an Israeli company.

Casino Tropez is easy to download and get up and running. Once you've entered the casino you get the choice to play either in practice mode or 'for real money'. After choosing to 'play for real money', I provided my personal details and set up an account at the casino. Just before I was about to press the button to process my deposit, I was confronted with an online chat pop up, with a sales person offering me an extra 20% bonus on my first deposit, with a 8x wagering condition. After confirming that I wished to received the bonus there was a long delay from the sales person to respond, then after waiting about 10 minutes it was confirmed that we had a deal. So I deposited $60, received a 100% bonus (the standard offer first deposit offer), then after confirming with the sales person that I had deposited, I received an extra 20% giving me a balance of $132. The moral of the story, if you thinking of making a first deposit at Casino Tropez its worth waiting a while after opening a real money account in case you get the offer for an additional bonus offer. Even with the 100% bonus, with a times eight wagering requirement this is a great offer and one worth taking up, giving you a fare chance to make a withdrawal on your first deposit. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the bonus to check if the bonus offer has changed since I made this review.

I started off playing single deck blackjack - and keeping the wagers small, after about 30 hands I began to believe that I would never get a blackjack in Casino Tropez. Then the blackjacks came in a fury, and a couple on larger wagers giving my balance a boost. Casino Tropez is one of the Playtech casinos that host the live games, with Blackjack, Roulette and Sic Bow - which are operated from the Philippines and have been online for about two years. I decided to test out the live blackjack, which had six tables in operation and most of them full of punters. With the minimum wager of $5, it became rather tempting to raise the stakes. However, the games can be quite time consuming, especially if you get a couple players who like to have a think about their blackjack. After spending about 20 minutes in the game, I began to yearn for some speedier games and returned to the lobby.

After playing on the live games I decided to try my luck on Blackjack Switch, a game hard to find on the net outside Playtech. Unlike blackjack you have two bet areas, one on the two blackjack hands you pay on, the other on a 'super match' bet option. To bet on your hands you have to place identical wagers on your two blackjack hands, before the deal. Once both your hand and the dealers have been dealt, you have the same options as original blackjack (Hit, Stand etc...), but with Blackjack Switch you also have the chance to Switch, which changes the top card on you first hand with the top card on your second hand. Then you can continue to hit or stand on each hand in an attempt to beat the dealer. The 'super match' ante is a kind of side bet, if you're initial four cards dealt to your two cards have one pair or greater, you receive a return on the bet, e.g. two pairs gives a return of 8/1. The dealer hits soft on 17 and the house only pays 2/1 on blackjack (to even out the odds from the advantage you receive from the ability to switch the cards). I made some good gains playing blackjack switch and I thought the game has an extra dimension on original blackjack.

Casino Tropez has a nice game history function that can help you keep track of all your previous hands and spins. The software also supports a chat function on multiplayer tables, so you can have a talk to other players at the same time as you're gaming. Each time that I played at Casino Tropez I had no problem finding other players on the multiplayer table to chat to, this surely is a popular casino online.

After taking a couple of bad runs on roulette, I decided to test a relatively new Playtech slot machine, called Wall Street Fever. It's a progressive jackpot 5 reel, 5 payable slots, with a $7,996 jackpot at the time of playing. The game has a bonus feature, to activate you have to get three 'zig-zag' symbols on any one payable line. Once activated you get the opportunity to select a random prize, see screen shot. The Wall Street symbol is wild and to win the jackpot you have get all five Wall Street signs on one payable line, while betting max (betting on all lines). After playing Wall Street Fever for a good while, my balance fluctuated quite extensively and at the end of play I was well down on my original bankroll. Losing the rest on another run on Blackjack Switch, my balance was zeroed.

From my experience with Playtech casinos, it is advisable to zero your account if you deposit, receive a bonus and loss, before your make anther deposit. Once when playing at Playtech casino I deposited, received a bonus then lost, but still had about a dollar balance. Later that week I made another deposit this time without a bonus then made a decent profit on my gaming session. However, when I went to make a withdrawal I found that the wagering requirement for the previous deposit/bonus can be carried over, thus I was unable to proceed with the withdrawal. On that occasion I went on the loss a bit of the profit I had made, while trying to meet the wagering requirement and the result was a lower withdrawal then what I had previously attempted to make. It's something to look out for on Playtech casinos, so if you lose the majority of your balance on a deposit/bonus without meeting the wagering requirement, spend the lot, even 1c can carry the wagering requirement over to the next deposit.

To find out about the VIP club, I emailed customer support inquiring about the admission into the club. After receiving a quick reply, I was informed that entrance into the VIP club is dependant upon a number of factors, the length of time since your sign up, total wagering at the casino, number of total deposits and accumulated value of deposits at the casino, etc, with the final decision made by the casino manager. Once in the VIP Club you get some nice perks, including faster withdrawals (especially via NETeller), higher comps to dollar conversion rates and access to promotions exclusive to VIPs. More details of the VIP club are available at Casino Tropez's website, as well their extensive and up to date list of promotion of offers for both VIPs and non VIPs. For some random reason at the bottom of Casino Tropez's promotions page you can click to play on some non gambling games made in flash. On of which, leprechaun's pop out of beer glasses and the aim is to hit them over the head with a bottle. What's funny about the game, is the extremely foul Irish swear words the leprechaun's use when they pop out the beer glasses. It's sure worth playing if you have the sound working on your PC!

The day after emailing customer support I received an email from Casino Tropez, asking me to fill out a questionnaire regarding my experience and level satisfaction with customer support. As an incentive to fill out the questionnaire I was offered a $10 bonus. This gave me the impression that Casino Tropez really cares about providing a high quality of service, and are willing to go to the effort of getting input from their players. Two days after sending the questionnaire I received my $10 bonus, thinking that I had nothing to lose - I but the $10 on one red dog hand and doubled it. Then I put that $20 dollars on another hand, winning at 4/1, giving me $100. I played for a couple more hands and managed to withdrawal $90, giving me a small but unexpected profit on the $60 I deposited.

I believe that Casino Tropez is a flagship casino for the Playtech software, it's a popular casino; and for good reason. The customer support I experienced was excellent, the game portfolio is huge, and the casino hosts some great promotional offers. If you are thinking of trying out the Playtech software, then Casino Tropez is a good place to try out first.

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Casino Tropez Game Lobby
Casino Tropez Lobby

Single Deck Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack

Live Blackjack With Real Dealers
Live Blackjack Game at Casino Tropez

Blackjack Switch - A 21 Variant
Blackjack Switch

Safe Cracker Slot Machine
Safe Cracker Slot Machine

Wall Street Fever Slot Machine - This is the Feature Game
Wall Street Fever Slot Machine

The Roulette Table
Roulette Table @ Online Casino Tropez

Speed O'Meter Slot Machine
Speed O'Meter Online Slots

2 Ways Royal Video Poker
2 Ways Royal Video Poker

Triple Profits Slot Machine
Triple Profits Slots

Casino Tropez Strong Points:
  • Nice and first deposit offer, with fair wagering conditions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Active casino
  • Wide range of promotional offers for regular players
  • Attractive casino graphics
  • Wide range of games
Things Casino Tropez Could Improve:
  • Sticky bonuses, which can carry onto next deposit
  • Online help may not always respond

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