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INetBet Casino:
Real Time Gaming software has always been popular within the online casino community - a good game selection and super-fast game speeds have been a big draw for players. Unfortunately though, a number of casinos operating with this software have dragged down the RTG name - slow payout's and even no-payout's at some sites have put people off.

However, RTG-powered INetBet Casino have proven themselves over their 6-years of operation to be a class act when it comes to online gaming, and as such I had no concerns when deciding to review this property.

Before people play at INetBet Casino, they must download the required software from the INetBet website. The website itself is written in English, although I did see that the owners are going to be introducing pages in French, Spanish, Italian and German in the near future. This really will widen the appeal of this casino. I also found the general appearance of the website very appealing. The soft colors and smooth lines are very attractive on the eye, yet the website also offers the visitor the information they are looking for - sections on banking, promotions, and news to name but a few. Everything is well written and logically presented.

The actual file size of the initial download is small at just 191k. However, as with a lot of software, this initial download is simply an installer - a further 4848k must be downloaded for the casino to run. This process however is very easy, and a user simply has to make a few clicks for the software to be loaded.

Having installed and loaded the INetBet Casino software (which a player can have run every time their computer starts if they wish according to the options!) I was presented with the casino lobby. I had actually played at INetBet before, so I had no need to sign up again. However, for new players a simple form must be completed before play can begin. With INetBet every time a player logs in, they can either chose to play for real or for 'play' chips. This latter option is great for the first time visitor. However, with an urge to start winning real money, I clicked real play and headed straight for the cashier.

INetBet offers a variety of funding options (credit cards, NeTeller, Pre-paid ATM and wire transfer are among the most popular), and I was impressed to see that the minimum deposit amount I had to make was just $5. This really is good, and makes it a handy way to spend a few dollars hanging around in a NETeller account! Although I don't like depositing too much, I decided on this occasion that a $50 deposit would be a good amount to spend. It should be noted that as I had played before, I received no bonuses on this deposit. However, new players are entitled to a 30% bonus up to a maximum bonus of $150!

With my bank balance now looking healthy, I headed straight to the BlackJack table at INetBet Casino. Choosing games at INetBet is made easy with a straight-forward menu option breaking games into types (slots, table games, etc.) As such, with a single click I was sitting at the BJ table ready to play. However, while I was impressed with INetBet so far, it was at this point that my opinion of INetBet changed somewhat - I discovered that the table minimum was $5. This really is very high compared to the vast majority of casinos, and completely contradicts the availability of low minimum deposit amounts. The upper limit was $200, and all of this would be fine with the high-roller. However, for the small stakes player (like me!) this could be off putting.

INetBet Review Update: The 'problem' with the high minimum bet limits has now been resolved. Just visit INetBet Casino and click on 'promotions', then click on 'Wager Less' and fill in the form - the minimum bet in all table games will then be just $1.

With my $5 on the table I clicked deal. Thankfully I won! And the very next hand dealt to me was a Blackjack, so despite the high-minimum my bank balance was looking OK. However, it was here that the high-minimum hit home again. I was dealt two 8's and as is good strategy, I split. I was then dealt another 8, which I split again. A 3 pairing with an 8 also game me a doubling opportunity, and so I suddenly found myself with $20 on the table simply by following basic strategy. A miraculous dealer 21 came along and the $20 quickly vanished into the dealer's coffers.

This annoyed my somewhat as I suddenly only had around $35 left. It is a shame about the table minimums - as I have to say I was impressed with the actual casino presentation at INetBet. The graphics used are of a very high quality and when combined with the pleasing sound effects used it makes the overall experience very life-like. The game speed (always a draw of RTG-powered casinos) was also superb. Even on a dial-up connection I think a player could get through 30 hands a minute!

Deciding my bankroll could not stand any more big losses, I came off the table and sat at the Caribbean Stud table. Unfortunately, this table also had a $5 minimum. This game does offer a side jackpot for a $1 optional bet (standing at over $50,000 for a royal flush at the time of play), but again the overall high-cost of the game was a disappointment. Even more so was when my 3-of-a-kind in 10's was beaten by the dealer's 3-of-a-kind Queens!

The last table game I played was Let 'Em Ride Poker. This is never a great bet anyway, but at INetBet this game can really ran down the bank roll, as the obligatory $5 minimum was once again in play. Again though, INetBet's great graphics and game-play were on show again in this game.

With my bankroll now down to around $20, I decided that I now needed a 'boom or bust' game to play, I headed for the roulette table. Again the minimum bets on inside and outside bets was $5 (e.g. 5 numbers x $1 is fine and so is $5 on red). I bet $1 on all red numbers that were lower than 27. When number 3 came in a smile appeared on my face as that was a $35 winner. A couple more winning bets and I found myself with a bankroll of $77.58! My strategy had worked and I could now experience the rest of the games at INetBet!

Next I chose to play some Video Poker. INetBet offer a number of different types of VP, including classics such as Jacks Or Better. Players can also chose the number of hands they wish to play, with many options available - from 1 hand all the way to 100 hands a go! Unfortunately, the graphics in use in VP at INetBet were not as good as the ones on show in the table games. However, they were still pleasing enough so as not to detract from the overall game play.

Having found my fortunes go up and down I finally settled to wiping out my bankroll on the INetBet slots. This casino has a reasonable range of slots, although when compared to some competitors, the selection could be considered a disappointment for some hardened slot players. For me though, I found a good enough variety to play. I enjoyed trying to win the Diamond Mine progressive jackpot (three-reel, one payline slot), and even didn't mind losing on the Win-A-Million game (imagine the payout's on that one!). However, it must be said that the graphics were not great and again, when compared to the offerings of some competitors, some players may find the slots at INetBet a disappointment.

Unfortunately, my bankroll (which had been incredibly volatile because of the enforced minimum bets) finally settled at zero and I had nothing to cash out. However, if I had I would have found the funds returned to me within a few business days - a big plus of INetBet is the fast payout speeds. It should be noted though that first time players may have to complete a verification form before their first withdrawals are honored. This is to protect the player as much as the casino.

Finally, I must comment on the support offered at this casino. As well as a detailed FAQ section on the website, INetBet offer a web-form / email support service. Whilst it is shame that more support options are not offered, this method should suffice, particularly since INetBet claim to have support available 24 hours a day.

To conclude, I would say that INetBet Casino is a reasonable place to play (in fact, a very good play for the high-roller). A good game selection is combined with, in the most part, strong graphics and good game speed. The disappointment comes in the minimum bet values in the majority of the games which, for a small stakes player like me, means deposits can be wiped out in minutes if a bad luck run comes along. However, for people that can afford this casino I would say it is a great place to play. Good software, good banking and reasonable support combine to make this a definitely recommendable casino.

INetBet Review Update: The 'problem' with the high minimum bet limits has now been resolved. INetBet now offer a wager less option to all of their players which enables them to lower their minimum bet down to $1.

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7 Inferno - A classic three-reel, one pay line slot with the added bonus of a progressive jackpot
7 Inferne Slot Machine @ INetBet Casino

INetBet Blackjack is a great virtual recreation but with an annoyingly high minimum bet size
INetBet Blackjack

I cross my fingers and hope when I decided to play with my pair of 4's in this Stud Poker game
Caribbean Stud Poker

Cleopatra's Gold is a 5-reel, multi payline Egyptian themed slot
Clopratras Gold Slot Machine

Diamond Mind Slot Machine: A 30-coin payout with the mixed bars appearing on the win line
Diamond Mine Slot Machine

Jacks or Better 100 Hands Double Bonus Video Poker - With three starting 2's, I knew I would win nicely with this hand
Jacks or Better 100 Hands Double Bonus Video Poker Game

Jacks or Better Video Poker - INetBet Video Poker offers players a double-up gamble option
Double Video Poker Game

One more hit and I would have got a 40-1 payout in this Keno game
Online Keno Game @ INetBet Casino

A losing hand dents my bankroll in this Let 'Em Ride card game
Let 'Em Ride Poker @ INetBet Online Casino

Roulette proved to be my savior whilst playing at INetBet Casino !
InetBet Roulette

I don't like my chances with only a Queen-high in this Three Card Poker game
Three Card Poker Game

Additional casino games are downloaded and installed when requested by the player
Add Casino Games At INetBet

The graphics on show in some slot games are a disappointment
Win A Million Dollars Slot Machine

INetBet Casino Strong Points:
  • Excellent website, with multi-lingual support coming soon
  • Good game selection
  • Strong graphics with pleasing sound accompaniment
  • Good number of deposit and withdrawal options with low minimum deposit
Things INetBet Casino Could Improve:
  • Very high table minimums enforced on a number of games. However by filling out a form you can lower the minimum bet size to only $1 per table game. To do so visit the INetBet website click 'Promotions' then click 'Wager Less' and fill out the form.
  • Slot selection limited
  • Graphics for Slot and Video Poker games not as good as table games
  • Limited support options

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