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Kiwi Bingo:
In the UK there's a bingo company that advertises with the phrase 'Britain's bingo-ing mad' (a play on the words 'been going'). However, I think this could be said of the whole world when it comes to online bingo! First there were online casinos, then online poker rooms, but more recently I've seen a plethora of ads for online bingo companies. As such, I decided to check out Kiwi Bingo to see what all the fuss was about.

Online gamblers may well recognize the 'Kiwi' name. This is because it's actually the online brand used by the respectable land-based Christchurch Casino (based in New Zealand). This group opened the Kiwi Casino and Poker Room in the past few years and the Playtech-powered Kiwi Bingo is simply the latest addition to the family. Of course, while this is interesting, it's also good for players to realize that this bingo hall is backed by a reputable company.

Being completely new to bingo, I was unsure as to how online bingo worked. However, a trip to the Kiwi website soon explained everything - basically a software download is required. This software then connects a player to the bingo room and, as with poker, a person can then play and interact with players from all over the world!

The software is obtained via a 170k installer. Of course, while this installer takes seconds to download, further files are then required for the bingo room to operate. On my high-speed connection these files didn't take long to obtain. However, there are 13mb worth of files to download in total. As such, dial-up players may well find themselves facing an hour of download time before they are able to play. I would have thought since this was the case a software CD may be available, but sadly not.

Account creation at Kiwi Bingo is straight forward and follows the standard sign-up process found in online casinos or poker rooms. Basically, a player fills out a form and a new account is instantly created. Accounts at Kiwi Bingo are denominated in US $, and all play takes place in this currency. However, for UK players a version of the site is available to allow play in UK £ as well.

Of course, a visit to the cashier is also required before play can take place, but this too is easy to use. Kiwi Bingo utilizes the standard Playtech cashier, interface meaning a variety of deposit methods are available. These range from traditional land-based deposit methods to e-wallet solutions, and even brand new deposit methods such as Epassporte.

I personally opted to make a $100 deposit via credit card. As a new player I was instantly rewarded with a 50% deposit bonuses. E-wallet deposits receive a 110% new player bonus! In fact, bonuses seem to be a big-part of Kiwi Bingo, with a variety of on-going deposit bonuses and special promotional bonuses being available. A nice touch is that bonus dollars sit in a separate account to a player's main funds. As such, if a player has a decent balance they can withdraw straight away, and if they hit zero they have access to loads of bonus money to keep them going!

At Kiwi Bingo, there are a handful of different bingo games available, each accessible through the 'bingo halls' button. The basic idea of bingo is a common theme over all Kiwi's games - to match balls drawn at random to those marked on your bingo card. If you are the first to cover your numbers, you win the pot! As such, each bingo card a player purchases results in some money going to the prize pool, with some going to the hosting bingo operator.

A nice thing I found at Kiwi is that the cards are not expensive to buy. When I was playing, the lowest priced cards cost just $0.05. Of course, it is advisable to purchase a number of cards to be in with a decent shot of winning, but nevertheless I can see that bingo could be a relatively cheap hobby to maintain.

To begin my play I sat down at the Cabana Cafe table and purchased some cards. I was immediately impressed with the presentation of Kiwi's games. Purchasing cards is made simple and the cards themselves are presented in an easy-to-see fashion. What's more, as the game progresses, numbers are automatically crossed off - so there's no chance of missing a winning card! The bright graphics utilized are combined with a UK-English voiceover as each ball is drawn. I can see why bingo online can be so appealing with game quality this high.

Unfortunately, I didn't do great at the Cabana Cafe and as such moved on to one of the other rooms available. At this point I came across the chat part of Kiwi Bingo. I've always heard that bingo is really about community and making friends, and with the huge number of people in the chat room I can see this holds true for Kiwi. There's even a Kiwi representative in chat who interacts with players and offers them the chance to win bingo bonuses. I myself was selected to pick a number. I chose 16 and this was the last ball to be drawn when bingo was called. As such, I won a $1 bonus! While not much, all money is good to me! I really enjoyed this community side to Kiwi Bingo and found the other players to be pleasant and fun to talk with.

Of course, a player also wants to win and in this new room I did just that! With my cards automatically indicating how many balls I was away from bingo, I realized that just one more ball was needed to give me a full house... and it came out! As such, I won $30! It's funny, I think I got more of a buzz from winning this bingo game than from when I've hit slot jackpots in the past. The congratulations from other players made the feeling even better!

The only downside I could see with Kiwi Bingo is that only your cards are ever in view. At other bingo sites I have noted that other player's cards can also be seen. As such, there is more of a buzz potentially at other sites as you can see how close other players are. At Kiwi, you only know how well you are doing, but without the knowledge of how close other players are. Nevertheless, the bingo games are Kiwi are great fun, and I actually lost track of the time while playing, always a good sign!

Of course, while bingo is enjoyable, I've never seen it as a way to win a lot of money. The problem with bingo is that you never really know how many other bingo cards you are competing against, and as such cannot really work out the odds of winning. I am sure though that the relative win to money staked is low. Yet just I was thinking about this, one lucky player won over $2,000! This is because Kiwi operates a progressive jackpot, which is open to anybody who fills their cards within a set number of balls. This figure changes depending on the 'shape' being played, for but generally requires a full house within a low number of balls drawn. Of course, for those that enjoy bingo, a win such as this would be a very nice bonus!

Another thing that I did quite like about Kiwi Bingo was that, while the main focus is bingo, a number of other games are also available. These include 'in-game' slots and scratch cards, which can take away from the repetitive nature of bingo. Having said that, I didn't do well on these - and imagine the odds are stacked in the casino's favor. For those that like a game where the odds are more favorable, some casino games are also accessible at Kiwi including the popular Jacks or Better Video Poker game. This really does mean that a player can entertain themselves in a number of ways all through the Kiwi Bingo interface.

At the end of my playing session I had about $20 more in my account than when I started. While not a huge profit, I decided I would try and cash out. Unfortunately I discovered that since I had deposited by Credit Card I would only be able to withdraw via cheque. Since the cheque is denominated in US $ (I am not US-based) and would take up to 21 days to arrive - I decided this hassle wasn't worth it for $20 profit. And so I decided to go back to bingo to win a jackpot!

Of course, my plan went horribly wrong and despite playing for a good while and winning a few 'bingos', I wasn't able to get my balance up to a decent level. I guess it goes back to my earlier comments that bingo players are never going to become rich unless they get lucky and win a jackpot. Of course, I guess the casino games can also be used to bulk up a bankroll.

On this occasion therefore, I didn't have any money to withdraw in the end. However, generally Kiwi Bingo is pretty good at withdrawal processing. I guess e-wallets are definitely the way forward - if I had deposited via NETeller, for example, I would have had my funds back after 4 business days. While this isn't the fastest cash processing time I've seen online, it's still within the realms of reasonability.

At the end of the session, despite not winning, I came away feeling that I really had enjoyed myself. In fact, I was concerned that although the chances of winning are low that I might keep pouring my money into Kiwi Bingo! As such, I decided to contact support and have my account closed.

Support at Kiwi Bingo is only offered via email. I thought this was a little poor in today's age where many online gambling sites have a variety of contact methods. However, when I tried emailing I was impressed to receive an automated response saying my message had been received within about 5 minutes of sending. More impressively, however, a real person response was received within 15 minutes with confirmation that my account was closed. I found this very impressive. Kiwi clearly offers a no-nonsense support function which more than makes up for the lack of contact methods available.

In conclusion, I was impressed with Kiwi Bingo. Not really knowing what to expect from online bingo, I was impressed with the ease at which games can be played at Kiwi. Similarly, the low denomination cards means that people can get a lot of fun for a very small outlay of money, particularly considering the excellent sign-up and on-going bonus schemes. Similarly, the presentation of the games is excellent with bright graphics and excellent sound effects adding to the overall 'fun factor'. The community feel of Kiwi works well which is also a plus. Add to this competent account and support functions, and it makes Kiwi a definite contender for those looking to try out a touch of online bingo.

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Click Pictures to Enlarge

I purchase quite a few cards at the Cabana Cafe in the hope of winning the $30+ prize

The software moves cards around so the most-covered cards are always in view - here I am 3 away from bingo!

Community is a big part of online bingo - here the chat window is in view

I start getting excited with 2 cards just one away from a winner

Slot and Scratch card games are playable whilst the bingo game's in play

Here I double my money whilst playing the $5 Scratch card

I do it! I get a full house first and steal the $31.30 prize

A number of bingo specials are available at different times during the day

'Moongirl' fills her card quickly and grabs a lovely $2,100 whilst I am playing

Some casino games, such as Video Poker, can also be played via the Kiwi Bingo interface

Kiwi Bingo Strong Points:
  • Great sign-up and on-going bonuses
  • A good number of bingo games available with cards very reasonably priced
  • Progressive jackpots allow access to huge wins
  • Customer support is very responsive
  • Reliable cash-processing function, although 4-day way for cash-ins
Things Kiwi Bingo Could Improve:
  • Customer support only available via email
  • It's not possible to see how well other players are doing

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