Poker Metro Review

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Poker Metro:
Online Casinos are destined to be big business over the next few years, but a game that's really taken off in recent years is Poker, both on and offline. The popularity of the game is at an all-time high, and being unable to stay away from this great game I decided to play some poker at the Microgaming-powered Poker Metro card room.

To be specific, the poker network operated by Microgaming is called the 'Prima Poker' network, and with this being the biggest network available online, it means that there's always a game to be had at Metro. The network's also been keen to attract jackpot hunters too, with massive bad beat jackpots and magic hand payouts available for those that are interested.

Of course, to begin playing at any of the tables available, a player must firstly visit the Poker Metro website to obtain the required software. This comes in the form of an installer, which at just 184k in size means that even the slowest connection should be able to handle the download. Unfortunately, the remainder of the files total 5.71mb in size, which may take a little more time on dial-up connections.

Thankfully, my broadband connection had no problem with Poker Metro, and it was soon up and running. Poker Metro operates in a window on the desktop as opposed to taking over the whole screen. I always like this approach as it means I can work and play at the same time, although to be honest I never get much done with poker running in the background!

Registering an account at Poker Metro is simple, and the usual name and address questions are asked via an easy-to-complete form interface. With any of the Prima poker rooms, if you have registered at any before you have to play with the same alias. However, there is nothing to stop players creating accounts at different poker rooms on this network, rather that they can only connect to the network via one poker room at any one time.

With my new account created and me logged in, I now needed to make a deposit. As with all properties that operate using Microgaming-powered software, a variety of deposit options are available, including both real-world options (such as credit cards and bank transfer) and online solutions (such as NETeller and Firepay). I opted to make a $100 deposit from my online NETeller account. Incidentally, all play in the Poker Metro card room takes place using US$. It should be also noted that a $50 sign-up bonus is available here, although a set number of games must be played for the bonus to be awarded.

So, with my $100 now ready for some poker action, I decided to check out the tables available at Metro and I have to say - I was very impressed. First, a good number of different types of poker are available. This includes Texas Hold 'Em as would be expected - but also 5-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud, as well as Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. Similarly, a huge number of different table limits are available, ranging from Micro $0.05/$0.10 Fixed limit games through Pot limit games, all the way up to huge $100/$200 No limit games.

Thankfully, all these different games are nicely categorized through a menu system. This means finding the game desired by a player is really easy. One category on the menu that really caught my eye was the 'TV' category. Upon investigating, I discovered that play on these tables is shown like in the UK, on a digital television channel with live presenters discussing the merits of each person's play. How cool!

I decided to sit down at a $1/$2 no-limit table where 5 other players were seated; tables at Poker Metro seemed to have either 6 or 10 seats available. A nice touch is that in the lobby, key facts about a table can be digested by a player before they sit down. For example, details on the average pot size and number of pots played per hour could be valuable information to those who know what they are looking for.

After settling in to a few games, it became clear why so many people like this network so much - the software really is good. Graphics are of high quality but not overly elaborate. Similarly, sound effects increase the entertainment factor of the game. Along with an easy-to-use player interface it makes playing really easy. A nice touch is that above the community cards dealt is a description of the player's hand. This could be of definite use to new players, and even for long-time players it's good to know that flushes or straights that a player may hold will not be missed.

A further nice touch is that a player can make decisions about their hand before it is actually their turn by selection the appropriate option from the control panel. Along with options like the ability to auto post the blind, it means that games move along at a nice pace. Similarly, there's no problem with dropped connections at Poker Metro; for a fast-paced game this card room is definitely recommended.

With regards to my play at this table, I actually didn't do too great. I was in to much of a mood to gamble with dodgy cards instead of waiting for pot winners, and as such my balance dropped to just over $80 within the first few hands. Even when I did hit something of the flop, it was only with middle pairs or so. Of course, sometimes this is how the cards go, but it would have been nice to see a high pair every once in a while! The nearest I got was a pair of 4's - which isn't ideal.

Since my luck wasn't going too great at this table, I decided to move on to a heads-up table. These tables are really fast-paced and pit one player against another. Thankfully I did ok here and got my balance up to $100, thanks in part to a lucky flush I held.

With my luck a little better now, I decided to venture over to a 7-Card Stud table. A nice thing with being connected to such a major network is even less popular games such as Stud Poker usually have a fairly decent number of players at the tables. Although I didn't really lose or win anything here, I find Stud Poker to be very luck-based, and as such not that enjoyable. As such, I played a few hands before deciding to move on.

My next stop was at the tournament section of the poker room. At Poker Metro a huge number of tournaments run at every hour of the day. These range from low-limit single table games to massive multi-table games, with huge payouts in their thousands. Players can even win seats at major real-world tournaments such as the Monte Carlo Millions. For me though, a $10 no-limit Sit 'n' Go was fine!

As with cash games, the presentation of the tournaments is excellent; and it's nice to play cards knowing only a fixed amount of money is staked on the game. Sadly, my play at the table didn't last long. I went all in with a pair of 9's, only to get called by someone holding A J. An ace on the flop meant I was soon out of this one!

At this point my bankroll was back down to around the $70 mark; so I decided to head back over to some of the Texas Hold 'Em tables. Unfortunately, the bad luck I started with returned with a vengeance, and a few bad beats later and I was sitting at zero. I guess that's the problem with no-limit games, wins can be big but - so can the losses.

Even though I had nothing to cash-in this time around, from reading the web pages of the Poker Metro site, it appears that there would be no issues. NETeller withdrawals, for example, are processed within 24 hours. This is a pretty quick turn around, and while the minimum withdrawal amount is $30, this really shouldn't be a problem for the vast majority of players.

Although this time round I didn't have any need to contact support, I thought I would have a play with them. Support is available via email and live chat, and I was pleasantly surprised to be connected instantly with 'Bret' using the live chat mechanism. Since I didn't have a real reason to contact support this time, I asked "which is better in the hole: an Ace/10 or 99". Bret pleasantly responded within seconds that they are about 50-50 but that the 9's are slightly ahead - how's that for good service! On a minor point, it's a shame that telephone support is not provided, but with chat support as efficient as this I have no qualms at all.

In summing up Poker Metro, I have to say I was pretty impressed. It helps that this poker room is connected to such as huge network as it means players are always around looking for action, even for play at less popular tables such as the Stud and Omaha ones. Similarly, the number of connected players means action should be available for micro-game players and huge hitters alike. Similarly, whether its cash or tourney play, a gambler should find their fix here. Add to this the great game presentation and Poker Metro's a winner. Similarly, the support and banking functions seem to work very well. All in all, Poker Metro is definitely worth checking out for a little poker action.

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I sit down at a $1/$2 no-limit table bizarrely called 'Dude Car'!

I want to win with my middle pair so bet big to try and force my opponent off the pot

Again, a playable but mediocre hand means I bet big to try and 'buy' the pot

I get dealt 3 and a 4 whilst playing a heads-up game

I get exactly the card I wanted and as such work out how to get paid for holding the nut flush

I plan on getting a flush whilst playing at a 7-Card Stud table

A very nice pocket pair dealt whilst participating in a turbo-speed tournament

I pray that another diamond doesn't hit as that would lead me to lose the hand

A pretty decent hand dealt whilst playing at a 5-Card Stud table

A range of games are available and all are accessible through the Poker Metro lobby

Poker Metro Strong Points:
  • Huge number of games and tables available
  • Good graphics and sound effects make game play really enjoyable
  • Fast withdrawal processing times
  • Excellent customer support.
Things Poker Metro Could Improve:
  • Telephone support is not available, although other support options make up for this

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