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All US players Accepted at Ultimatebet Poker
With a name like Ultimate Bet, I really expected this site to be a sports book, yet as soon as the site loaded it became quite apparent that Ultimate Bet is in fact a poker site - and if the site's strap line is anything to go by, it's 'where almost everyone plays poker'!

Although I wasn't familiar with this poker room powered by the Excapsa Poker Network, it soon became clear from the site blurb that this poker site has been put together with input from some high profile people. 'Team Ultimate Bet' consists of players such as Phil Helmuth, Annie Duke and Russ Hamilton, all huge names in the world of poker. As such, I was excited to see the results of a project where players as great as these had been involved in its creation.

The Ultimate Bet site itself is attractive, with the use of a white background giving the site an attractive, clean look. I personally can be put off by sites that are overly busy in their use of graphics and color. Of course, a site is really only as good as its content - and thankfully, Ultimate Bet does well in this area too, with sections present on all the important things such as cash processing and customer support.

To play at Ultimate Bet, a player must firstly download the client software - there is no web-based interface available at Ultimate Bet. However, the software download is only 5.5mb, and as such shouldn't cause problems, even for those on slow connections. Indeed, I was able to download and install the software without problems in just a few minutes.

Creating an account at Ultimate Bet is simple - a player simply needs to click on the 'create new account' button on the log on screen. It's then just a case of following Ultimate Bet's 'three easy steps' system, whereby a user submits pertinent information to the poker room. An account is then created allowing a user to log in instantly.

The Ultimate Bet lobby itself presents all the different games available. The types of game are split using a 'tab' system, with each tab displaying the game type (e.g. cash or tournament) as well as the game variant. Of course, favorites such as Texas Hold'Em and Omaha are available at Ultimate Bet. However, I was impressed to see some less well known games were also available. This includes 'Pineapple Poker', which allows a player to exchange their hole cards to better their hands. Unfortunately, while this game is fun to play, no one else seemed to think so - there was not one person who sat down at a Pineapple tables when I was logged on! Generally though, the range of games at Ultimate Bet looked pretty good, and with a decent number of people connected, I made my way to the Cashier to make a deposit.

As with most online poker rooms, the cashier at Ultimate Bet is very easy to use - poker rooms don't want players to find depositing difficult! Similarly, a good number of depositing options are available including credit and debit card as well as e-wallet funding solutions such as NeETeller, Money Bookers, Firepay and Click2Pay. I personally opted to fund my account with $100 from my NETeller account. At Ultimate Bet, all play is denominated in US $.

At this point, I should mention the bonus system that Ultimate Bet uses. Firstly, there's a sign-up bonus that provides a player with up to $650 (100% match) free money. This is huge, and will be really enticing for hardened poker players. Even better, this money is released dollar by dollar using Ultimate Bet's excellent bonus tracking function. Every play made at the cash and tournament tables results in a player gaining Ultimate Bet points, and these are used to automatically convert a pending bonus to real cash!

Another draw of Ultimate Bet is that these player points continue to be gained, even when there is no bonus pending. Players are then able to take these points to tables where points are used as the currency, and can even enter point-only tournaments. The clever part, though, is that points can be redeemed for real life items - fancy a Harley Davidson for a cool 4m points?! The opportunity to earn prizes simply by playing poker is a real plus. Add to this on-going re-load promotions and cool bonus tournaments with huge prizes (e.g. $200,000!) and I think Ultimate Bet could definitely be a contender for purveyor of the best poker room promotions.

The first table I decided to join at Ultimate Bet was a Texas Hold'em $2/$4 Fixed-Limit game. As with all the poker variants at Ultimate Bet, the different limit games are all presented on the same menu. As an example, Hold'Em Limits range from $0.01/$0.02 Fixed Micro games up to $50-$100 No-Limit games. Limit games go up to a massive $300/$600. This is a very impressive range of games, and should satisfy new players and high rollers alike.

Unfortunately, I was slightly less impressed with the game presentation. The graphics are of a reasonable quality but I did think the standard was slightly below that offered by some competitor sites. However, one feature I did like was that no matter what seat a player selects, they are placed at the 'head' of the table, giving the best view of both hole cards and the community cards. Ultimate Bet does make use of sound effects to enhance play, and an easy to user interface makes player interaction very straight forward.

Of course, one thing that a poker player also wants to know is how good the competition is! In answer to this, I actually found a real mix of players. There were some players who were clearly playing a very tight game, yet at one point I came across a player going all-in with absolute rubbish! In fact, the competition at my table was such that I was able to leave the table with a nice $30 profit.

As well as Hold'Em games, as stated earlier, a good number of other games are available as well. However, it soon became clear that some of the less-popular games do not attract as many players at HoldEm. Nevertheless, I was still able to have some fun playing with the guys and gals at the Omaha and Stud tables.

Cash games at Ultimate Bet proved to be real fun. However, the tournament games at Ultimate Bet will be a real draw for those that like to play for a fixed budget. A good number of games are available, ranging from multi-table tournaments to heads up Sit 'N' Go's. In fact, since I had already made $50 profit from the cash games, I decided to enter a $50+$2.50 Heads Up game. This was a bit of a boom or bust strategy, but thankfully I won!

I have to say, the tournament games seemed like real good fun at Ultimate Bet, and there's definitely some profit to be had. One Heads Up tournament costs $5000+$100 to enter - just think of that nice pot! Of course, the graphics and the game play for the tournament games was equal to that of the cash games.

So, with $200 sitting in my account I headed back to the cashier to make a withdrawal - $100 profit is good in anyone's book! Again, the intuitive interface made withdrawing easy, and I requested a withdrawal for the full account balance. It should be noted that people are not able to make a withdrawal unless they have validated their email address. However, this simply requires a person to click on a link that is emailed to them at sign-up.

Thinking that the withdrawal may take a few days to process, I put the withdrawal to the back of my mind. However, just 12 hours after making the withdrawal I received an email saying the full withdrawal amount had been processed to my NETeller account - I found that incredibly impressive. Similarly, the fact there's no 'pending period' where a person can reverse a withdrawal is definitely a plus point.

With my feelings towards Ultimate Bet being very positive following on from the excellent cash-in processing speed, I next decided to see if the support offering lived up to the high standards that had been set. Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed to find that only an email address and an 'email submission form' are available for players to contact the poker room. However, upon testing both support methods I received email responses within 30 minutes and 1.5hrs respectively (regular email being quicker). As such, I don't really have a grumble with support being so responsive. There's also a very comprehensive 'FAQ' section on the website which also helps make up for this slight shortfall.

In conclusion, I was actually impressed with Ultimate Bet. In fact, I was surprised I hadn't come across this poker room before! The range of games is good and I was really impressed to see variants such as Pineapple poker available. Similarly, the poker room hosts a good number of tournaments and cash games meaning there should always be a game available. Cash processing seems to work excellently, although the lack of support options was slightly disappointing. Nevertheless, it's clear to see that the Ultimate Bet team have done well to put together such as user friendly and fun poker room. I may well return to see if I can take my $100 profit even further!

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The Ultimate Poker lobby displays all the games available including hard-to-find games such as Pineapple Poker!

I win a nice pot but am surprised my opponent played to the end with such bad cards

The Ultimate Poker bonus system awards bonus points and real money as a player leaves a game

I like my cards whilst playing $2 / $4 Hold'Em poker but am scared of the flush possibility

I work out how to maximize my profits since I am holding a nice Full House

The best possible starting hands is dealt to me whilst playing $2/$4 fixed-limit poker

I initially liked my starting hand whilst playing this no-limit game, but the Ace is a scary sight

Pot Limit play is not one of my strong points, but I give it a go anyway!

I decide to join a $50 + $2.50 two-player No Limit Hold'Em tournament

A wide range of Sit 'N' Go as well as Scheduled Tournaments are available at Ultimate Bet

I go all-in during my $50+$2.50 SNG tournament when I pair my Aces

This Flush is good enough for me to win the tournament and a nice $100 prize!

7 Card Stud is another variety of poker game available at Ultimate Bet

Ultimatebet Strong Points:
  • Excellent sign-up bonus and on-going 'easy play' bonus system offers real rewards to loyal players
  • Huge number of poker variants including Omaha, Stud and even Pineapple!
  • Good number of games playable at any one time including a nice selection of tournaments
  • Excellent cash handling function with fast cash out processing
Things Ultimatebet Could Improve:
  • Number of support methods is low
  • Some games have low popularity (e.g. Pineapple)
  • The game presentation is perhaps slightly poorer than that found at competitor sites

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